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Water carrier ships brought water

5th August 2015 
The village of Sućuraj gets its water supply from the Cetina river and the springs beneath Biokovo mountain via regional waterline from Makarska riviera. On the 19 of July parts of Sućuraj which are located on the higher altitude were left without water, what was caused by the reduced supply of water from the mainland. The Municipality of Sućuraj and Hvar vodovod (water supply company) were quick to react and a demand was made to the Ministry of defence for a water carrier ship. The first water carrier sailed into the port of Sućuraj on the 20th of July at 5 AM and there was planty of water for all.

The water supply from Makarska riviera was low during the next 10 days so the water carriers were a regular site in the port. Thanks to them there was no more interruptions in the water supply. Due to these circumstances everyone who found themselves in the village at that time had a chance to taste the water from various sources in Dalmatia. Besides the Cetina river, water from the Jadro river was also used, as well as the water from Krka river and the water supply from Klokun near Ploče (in the Neretva vally).

The problems with the water supply on the east end of the island of Hvar was one of the top news in all the relevant croatian medias, so the reporters from all national news networks reported directly from Sućuraj on several occasions.

Water carrier ship in Sućuraj portWater carrier ship in Sućuraj port


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