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2. Sućuraj in the Middle Ages (arrival of Croatians)

Old church of st. GeorgeOld church of st. George
Old parish church and monasteryOld parish church and monastery
(13rd century)
The Franciscan monastery (9th century)The Franciscan monastery
(9th century)

Al Edrisi's map from (1154)In the 7th and 8th century came the Croats and colonized Neretva valley, coast, peninsula Peljesac of course island of Hvar. In this colonization Sucuraj was an eminent location, because of its position. It's hard to imagine colonization of the middle dalmation islands without occupying the east cape of the island Hvar – Sucuraj.

Sucuraj harbour was a first a very convenient location for the pirates from Neretva. There are archaeological findings that the population for security from pirate attacks made a town further away from the harbour in the fields surrounding Sucuraj.

The Neretva-pirates were baptized after the year 870. In the court yard of the church of St. George are remains of the base of a 9th century chapel. On these bases in the 13th century Augustine fathers built a church dedicated to St. George, it is mentioned in the Hvar statute from 1331. The church was destroyed in the 19th century, after witch a new church was built. Sucuraj got its name form that church (Sucuraj = St. Georges city). The Augustine's made the monastery in Sucuraj; it has been ruined and restored many times. This monastery still exists today. On the doorway there is an in scription: COENOBIVM ORDINIC FRATRVM EREMI. TARVM S. AVGVSTINI. MCCCIX RASTAVRATVM (Monastery of the hermit brothers of St. Augustine, restored 1309). The monastery vas restored in 1309 because it was burnt-dovn in 1280 by Omis pirates.

Mediaeval Sucuraj was consisted of more than one settlement. The first was near Mlaska bay, devasted by the Turks in 1526. Most of mediaeval population of Sucuraj lived in old Sucuraj near the fields, the remains can still be seen. The third settlement was in nowadays Gornja Banda.

History of Sućuraj:
1. Antique Sućuraj (Illyrians and Romans)
2. Sućuraj in the Middle Ages (arrival of Croatians)
3. Sućuraj during Venetians (fighting the Ottomans)
4. Sućuraj in the 19th century (Austria, France and the Austria-Hungary kingdom)
5. Sućuraj in the 20th century (3 wars, 6 states)

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