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July 11, 2017 
The traditional Tam Tam Music Festival is being held again this year in Sućuraj on the island of Hvar. This is the sixth year since our village became a real little festival destination.

The main part of the program will be held on the soccer field on the 28th and 29th of July. The lineup is: Repetitor, ABOP, Pridjevi, Moskau and Umreti Fit on Friday and Seven That Spells, Seine, Igralom, Spiridon and Dogs In Kavala on Saturday. The ticket for one day is 70 kn and for two days 100 kn.

Besides the events on the soccer field, citizen association Pelišnjak has prepared a rich cultural program. The program starts on Monday 24th of July with the opening of the camp named Tamp. The camp is located in the tick pine forest near the local beach Česminica. The camp provides dense shade, drinking water, shower, sanitary facilities and electricity. For the symbolic 300 kn the visitors have accommodation for 7 days and a festival ticket.

On the same day in front of the saint Georges church a photo exhibition called Symbols of Sućuraj in being opened. There visitors will be able to see works of Franjo Modrić, photograph and lover of Sućuraj’s natural beauties. In the evening there will also be a retrospective of films from the 15th Tabor Film Festival.

On Tuesday, 25th of July there will ba a concert of singer-songwriter Billie Jones from Split. On Wensday, 26th of July, in the area of the village elementary school there is an opening of the exhibition of musical instruments called Kiparena orijentalna glazbala, the work of academic sculptor Stipan Kujundžić from Imotski. The exhibition will be opened for three days. On Thursday, 27th of July, the second night of retrospective of film from the 15th Tabor Film Festival will be held. During all seven days of the festival there will also be Tam Yoga Flow.

More information on the festival Facebook page. Tickets can be bought on entrio.hr.

Tam Tam Music FestivalTam Tam Music FestivalTam Tam Music Festival


22nd June 2016 
The construction work on the infirmary in Sućuraj are near their end. The new façade has been placed and all the doors and windows have been replaced. The renovation of the apartment above the infirmary is in the final stage and we expect the doctor and her family will be able to move in soon.

Infirmary Sućuraj Infirmary Sućuraj


22nd February 2016 
This year's edition of Tam Tam Music Festival will be held on 29th and 30th of July. For the announcement of the fifth annual edition of the festival (for which the largest number of performers so far are planned) here's a quote of the band M.O.R.T, which wrote the following the day after the end of last years festival: „ Last night in Sućuraj the best lineup of bands from the next generation of the regional scene, the place nearly implodes from energy and dust the audience lifted during every performance! Chaos and friendship, it was a great pleasure to be a part of the event“. For more information visit the Festival Facebook page.

Tam Tam Music Festival - Sućuraj, otok HvarTam Tam Music Festival - Sućuraj, otok Hvar

11th August 2015 
The President of the Republic of Croatia, Kolinda Grabar Kitarović arrived in Sućuraj from her temporary office in Split. The reason for the visit was discussion with the municipality authorities on the matters of water supply, defence from forest fires and different project investment. The President was welcomed on the seafront by numerous citizens. They were very friendly in their wellcome, while escorting her to the new municipality office. After the meeting, the President gave a press statement and continued towards fire affected Pelješac peninsula and the island of Korčula on the police speedboat. This is the first visit by the head of the country in the history of the village, with the exception of the legend of the Illyrian queen Teuta.

The president in SućurajThe president in SućurajThe president in SućurajPredsjednica u Sućurju

5th August 2015 
The village of Sućuraj gets its water supply from the Cetina river and the springs beneath Biokovo mountain via regional waterline from Makarska riviera. On the 19 of July parts of Sućuraj which are located on the higher altitude were left without water, what was caused by the reduced supply of water from the mainland. The Municipality of Sućuraj and Hvar vodovod (water supply company) were quick to react and a demand was made to the Ministry of defence for a water carrier ship. The first water carrier sailed into the port of Sućuraj on the 20th of July at 5 AM and there was planty of water for all.

The water supply from Makarska riviera was low during the next 10 days so the water carriers were a regular site in the port. Thanks to them there was no more interruptions in the water supply. Due to these circumstances everyone who found themselves in the village at that time had a chance to taste the water from various sources in Dalmatia. Besides the Cetina river, water from the Jadro river was also used, as well as the water from Krka river and the water supply from Klokun near Ploče (in the Neretva vally).

The problems with the water supply on the east end of the island of Hvar was one of the top news in all the relevant croatian medias, so the reporters from all national news networks reported directly from Sućuraj on several occasions.

Water carrier ship in Sućuraj portWater carrier ship in Sućuraj port


30th June 2015 
tam tamOn the 31 of July 2015 on the soccer field in Sućuraj the fourth Tam Tam Music Festival will be held. This year performers are M.O.R.T., Repetitor, Straight Mickey and the Boyz, Threesome, Spiridon i Zelena Tea, which represent a kind of retrospective of three previous edition of the festival. More on the event on the festival's Facebook page.


Upgrade and reconstruction of the municipality building in Sućuraj22nd April 2015 
The work on upgrade and reconstruction of the municipality building are in progress what caused the municipality office to be temporarily moved into the tourist office. On the ground floor of the municipality building there will be a meeting room instead of the office spaces, while on the first floor 3 new offices will be built. This will give our municipality new, modern office space, unlike the previous ones which were old and decrepit.


9th April 2015 
As from today our site can be loaded from www.sućuraj.com as well as from previous www.sucuraj.com.

Uređivanje stare gustrine16th March 2015 
The old well (water tank - tank for rainwater, called gustirna in local dialect) on the "upper market" behind the church of St. George is being restored. This well was built in the early 20th century and was very important until the arrival of water from the mainland in 1986, after which was somewhat neglected. Work on the rehabilitation of cracks is being done by the municipality of Sućuraj. So this attraction will finally get the deserved attention.


Paving of the waterfront7th March 2015 
The work on paving in stone of the waterfront in Sućuraj are in progress. The waterfront was until now in concrete. Although the part being paved is a small portion in front of St. Georges church, we are looking forward to the fact that our village will look prettier for the new season. The work is being funded by Port authority of Split and Dalmatian Country. The Port authority has done much in the past years on the renewal of the port. The plan for the upcoming years is to pave new areas.

17th February 2015 
The road of which we have written in the previous news, was released for traffic today. The journey to Sućuraj towards the West is shorter by 5 minutes from today.

Photos of new road Jelsa - Poljica (part of Sućuraj - Hvar road):

New road Jelsa - Poljica (part of Sućuraj - Hvar road)New road Jelsa - Poljica (part of Sućuraj - Hvar road)New road Jelsa - Poljica (part of Sućuraj - Hvar road)New road Jelsa - Poljica (part of Sućuraj - Hvar road)New road Jelsa - Poljica (part of Sućuraj - Hvar road)New road Jelsa - Poljica (part of Sućuraj - Hvar road)New road Jelsa - Poljica (part of Sućuraj - Hvar road)New road Jelsa - Poljica (part of Sućuraj - Hvar road)New road Jelsa - Poljica (part of Sućuraj - Hvar road)New road Jelsa - Poljica (part of Sućuraj - Hvar road)

12th February 2015 
Jelsa - Poljica roadThe work on the new, 4890 meters long, road Jelsa - Poljica are almost over. The asphalt layer is laid and work on horizontal and vertical signaling are in progress. This is completely new route, so the state road D116 Sućuraj - Hvar will no longer lead directly alongside sea line and beaches in Zenčišće and Grebišće bay (by Jelsa). Work on the reconstruction of the second section of the road Jelsa - Poljica, 8480 meters in length, were finished in the beginning of July of 2013. This section of the road followed the old route; the road was expanded to normal cross section 6,4 meters in width, with complete drainage and all the fallowing elements a modern road must have.

Section Jelsa – Poljica was the most critical part of the island main road. The road Jelsa – Hvar was constructed earlier, so with the opening of these 4890 meters, the complete the road from Poljica to Hvar 40 km, in length, will be of satisfactory quality.

The road from Sućuraj to Poljica was improved a bit in the past few years (new asphalt on some parts and new signaling), but it still dose not meet the standarde of normal road and requires reconstruction. Regarding this issue we have sent a letter to Croatian roads and have received a response stating that the necessary studies are in preparation, so that this project could apply to European funds in an adequate way. Therefore, it is obvious that we will have to wait a bit more for the reconstruction of this road, although the section Sućuraj – Bogomolje (19 km in length) was scheduled in the Governments three year plan (2013-2016).

3rd July 2014 
Tam Tam 2014On 1st and 2nd of August 2014 
the third annual Tam Tam Music Festival will be held in Sućuraj. The festival is a music manifestation organized by civil association Pelišnjak and has the goal of making Sućuraj a real, if small, festival destination. As the previous two years, the main program will be held in the local football field. The novelty to the prior editions is the change in the format of the festival, so visitors can enjoy 2 days of quality rock music. The camping isn't organised but the possibility of camping on the field and around it does exist.

Performers: Laka / Repetitor / Punčke / M.O.R.T. / Vlasta Popić / Stuttgart Online / Artan Lili/ Seven Mouldy Figs / Spiridon / Les Agamemnonz

3rd July 2014 
sucuraj homepage stari logoFor the last few months we have been working on the project of "new Sućuraj homepage", in the aiming to modernise our work and present out Sućuraj with more quality. The project consists of changing the website structure, most of the text and the technology use in making the site. Many new photographs were added which fallow the text on most of the pages.

The work on the project isn't completely over. Some parts of the site still function on the old platform (accommodation), some are unfinished and there are probably some mistakes, so we ask our visitors to acknowledge that. If anyone should notice any mistakes, or has an objection we ask them to write to us on our e-mail or our Facebook page. We hope that you will all be happy with this project.

Remark: this site is made by Yoomle 3.3.0 so the site viewed from old versions of Internet Explorer (8 and older) which do not support css3 and html5 will look messed up. According to our statistics in the last month about 7% of our visitors still use the mentioned old versions of IE so we ask you, if you are in this group, to install newer versions of IE or some other browser. The site if flexible and adapts to devices of different resolution, so it should look neat even if viewed on tablets or smart phones, what wasn't the case before.

Authors of Sućuraj homepage salute you. 

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