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FC Mladost Sućuraj
FC Mladost Sućuraj

Up: Dobrenko Mihaljević, Ante Piacun †, Krsto Jerković, Joško Grljušić, Ivan Šošo, Stipe Vuljan, Krunoslav Franić, Ivan Slavić, Ante Piacun, Mario Pavlović, Mislav Mišić, Veselko Piacun, Stipe Kačić Bartulović, and Dinko Slavić. Down: Tomislav Franičević, Juraj Kačić Bartulović, Josip Petričević, Roko Jeličić, Mate Franičević, Juraj Petričević, Juraj Vujnović and Stipe Režić.

Mladost is a football club from small town Sućuraj on the east cape of the island of Hvar (Croatia). The club is a regular member of the Hvar soccer league (FNL). Home colour is blue, and away colours are red, black and blue or red and blue.

The club has its own football-field Emil Slavic – Lenko and fans Velika Gomila.

The club was established in 1948. Throughout its history FC Mladost was frequently at the top of the league. The best scores where:

1984/85 and 1988/89 – Hvar league champions,
1985, 1987 and 2008 - Hvar Island cup winners,
1989 - Hvar Island super cup winners.

Actual position in Hvar Island championship here.

Through its half-century history FC Mladost has made many sports friends in the country and abroad, especially with FC Faraon from Trpanj on peninsula Pelješac (Croatia), and FC Barca from Košice (Slovakia).



FC Mladost home page         Players         Velika Gomila         Photo-gallery         Video-gallery         Anthem


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