Association Pelišnjak - Sućuraj - island Hvar, Croatia
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Association Pelišnjak - Sućuraj, island Hvar

Civil association "Pelišnjak" - Sućuraj was founded in the 2014. with the goal of organizing and promoting educational, cultural, recreational, sports and culinary activities for enhansing the quality of life in Sućuraj. The largest and most important event organized by the Association is the Tam Tam Music Festival. The area of interest and activities of the association includes Sućuraj and surrounding townships. The municipality of Sućuraj (coat of arms) is an area of unique natural beauty located at the east cape of the island of Hvar. It consists of settlements (east to west): Sućuraj, Selca and Bogomolje.

Sućuraj is a small town at the south bank of the eastern peak of the Hvar Island. It is connected with land by a half-hour ferry ride from Drvenik on the Makarska Riviera and with the rest of the island by local road (local bus lines and taxi rides). In the town you can find several shops, restaurants and cafés as well as an ice-cream shop, pizzeria, post office, infirmary, ATM and tourist office. It is possible to rent bikes, ships and scooters, and there are boat excursions to Makarska coast, Pelješac peninsula and the island of Korčula. Recreation enthusiasts can enjoy numerous cycling and hiking trails, while sailors can find safe harbour from all winds as well as water and electric connections.

In Sućuraj you can choose accommodation in private apartments, rooms and boarding housesl and in the nearby car camp Mlaska (4 km west from Sućuraj) in bungalows and camping houses. The town is surrounded by sea from almost all sides, and there are many beaches and small bays among which the most famous are: Česminica (local beach 200 m far from the town centre), Bilina, Lučica, Mlaska, Valica, Blaca, Perna, Prapatna, Žukova, Židigova, Rasovaca and Mrtnovik. Some of these have equipped beaches ideal for children, and in most of them you can enjoy the wilderness of untouched nature. In the wider town area you can bathe where ever you see the sea (except the port); there are 20 km of natural coastline at you disposal.

Considering Sućuraj is a traditionally town of fishermen and farmers, we recommend you try local fish specialities, vine and olive oil. Also significant are cultural and historical landmarks of this small town in which there is a record of constant presence of people from the ancient times. The town will captivate you with its Mediterranean charm; there are many fun activities during the summer mounts, exhibitions, shows, fishermen’s nights and Tam Tam Music Festival. There is a significant uniqueness of Sućuraj that must be mentioned – all you might require for you pleasant stay is at hand so you never need to use you car during your stay.

Greetings from SućurajGreetings from Bogomolje

Bogomolje is a village located 20 km west of Sućuraj, and the local road (Sućuraj – Hvar) passes thru its centre. There you can find a shop, post office and a mini-bar. The village consists of several smaller hamlets, with Selca near Bogomolje (Selca kod Bogomolja on Croatian) as most mentioned one. But, because of its distance from Bogomolje (8 km) it is often listed as separate settlement, even thou it is officials a part of Bogomolje. Both of the settlements are located in the interior of the island, but they have nearby beaches and bays like Bristova, Stara, Mala Pogorila, Male Gačice, Zavala, Solotiša, Smokvina. Kozja, Duboka, Smrska and Aržičće. In most of them you can find accommodation in private apartments and boarding houses, and they are accessible by car on asphalt or gravel roads. The main events in Bogomolje are “Summer nights in Bogomolje”, which take place every Saturday night with live music and dancing until morning.

  Beach Česminica
Church of St. George Beach Bilina
Sućuraj, island Hvar Mlaska bay
Sućuraj, Hvar Perna bay
Sućuraj on the island of Hvar Sućuraj, harbor
Bogomolje on the island of Hvar Stara bay