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New Sućuraj homepage

3rd July 2014 
sucuraj homepage stari logoFor the last few months we have been working on the project of "new Sućuraj homepage", in the aiming to modernise our work and present out Sućuraj with more quality. The project consists of changing the website structure, most of the text and the technology use in making the site. Many new photographs were added which fallow the text on most of the pages.

The work on the project isn't completely over. Some parts of the site still function on the old platform (accommodation), some are unfinished and there are probably some mistakes, so we ask our visitors to acknowledge that. If anyone should notice any mistakes, or has an objection we ask them to write to us on our e-mail or our Facebook page. We hope that you will all be happy with this project.

Remark: this site is made by Yoomle 3.3.0 so the site viewed from old versions of Internet Explorer (8 and older) which do not support css3 and html5 will look messed up. According to our statistics in the last month about 7% of our visitors still use the mentioned old versions of IE so we ask you, if you are in this group, to install newer versions of IE or some other browser. The site if flexible and adapts to devices of different resolution, so it should look neat even if viewed on tablets or smart phones, what wasn't the case before.

Authors of Sućuraj homepage salute you. 

sucuraj homepage hvar
Sucuraj homepage - island of Hvar, Croatia
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