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Island of Hvar, Sućuraj - Entertainment and culture

Sucuraj at nightFor all of those who wish to enjoy a relaxing pace and escape the noise and crowds and stress of everyday life, Sućuraj on the island of Hvar is an ideal destination. The pleasure is guaranteed, whether you enjoy strolls thru Sućuraj's narrow streets or the seaside walk, drinking your morning coffee or a refreshing drink. In the evening one can find entertainment in bars, occasional fishermen's night and for those who prefer rock and electronic music, Sućuraj hosts Tam Tam Music Festival. Fishermen's nightIn the summer months there are some exhibitions and plays by traveling theater troops.

Fishermen's nights are held in the centre on the seafront, most often 3 times during July and August. It is a kind of folk party were local entertainer performs. The program usually begins at 6 PM, when visitors can enjoy grilled fish and wine. The party hosts a large number of people and the entertainment last long into the night. Besides food, drinks, music and dancing there is a lottery where guests can win products and services of local businessmen (dinners in restaurants, boat trips, gift packets etc.).

Tam Tam Music FestivalTam TamTam Tam Music Festival is a music event held since 2012 on the soccer field 1 km from Sućuraj on the road to Hvar. The main program of the festival consists of quality domestic and foreign alternative rock performers and DJs. The history of Sućuraj's underground leads back to 1997 when the first electro party was organized in an unfinished house on the edge of the town. After that there were a series of parties on local helipad, in Perna bay and other exotic places distant enough from the village so no one would complain of the noise. These events were mostly based on electronic music. In the summer of 2006 the newly formed rock bands Ludilo Škarig and The Neće Stage was made from a small lorry of the TAM brandNikako renewed the rock scene in Sućuraj and from then on all events included electronic and rock music. The two bands afterwards formed one band called One Happy Hello which later became the band Zelena Tea, still active today. In 2008 there was a concert held at the soccer field where the stage was made from a small lorry of the TAM brand. Tam-Tam logo From 2009 to 2011 the stage was made up from two of those lorries. On August 3rd 2012, in front of 400 visitors, for the first time the festival was held in its present form and, because of the two TAM lorries, the name was never in question – so the Tam Tam Music Festival was born.

Concerts – a few times during the summer, often in front of St. George's church, concerts are held. The concerts are mostly of serious music, chanson of traditional a cappella groups (klapa). "Klapa" is a group of 5 to 8 singers performing traditional Dalmatian polyphonic singing. Although their singing is originally a cappella, the band often uses instruments like mandolin or guitar, which gives the songs a special flair.
The crowd behind school
Exhibition – a few amateur artists are (or were) active in the village whose art is occasionally on exhibition. So far the artists who had exhibitions are: Josip Slavić, Roko Grubić, Sveten Godinović Kika, Pavao Piacun, Zlatko Jeličić, Joze Vuljan, Ivan Vuljan, Irma Ukropina and Ivica Vujnović.

Theatre performances – every summer numerous theatre troops travel the Croatian coast and some of them perform in Sućuraj. They perform in front of St. George's church or behind the school.

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