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4. Sućuraj in the 19th century (Austria, France and the Austria-Hungary kingdom)

Harbour bank (pumpurela) from 1870Harbour bank (pumpurela)
from 1870
School and township from 1888School and township from 1888
New church of St. GeorgeNew church of St. George
from 1897
Lighthouse from 1898Lighthouse from 1898

Sucuraj on the end of 19th centuryAter the peace settlement in Camofori in May 1797, the Venice part of Dalmatia and Boka Kotorska became Austrian. After 377 years of Venice administration, Sucuraj had a new ruler. Austria went to war with Napoleon in 1798 so her sovereignty was short. On the 26.12.1805 Dalmatia and whit it Sucuraj came under France.

In March 1806 the fortress in Sucuraj was taken over by a French military crew. Soon after there was a battle between the French and Russian war-ships in front of Sucuraj. The Russians in Autumn the same year robbed a big French wine-magazine in Sucuraj, they took 6150 litters of wine and 24 litres of vinegar! On the day 26.04.1807 Russian ships and Montenegro pirates again attacked Sucuraj but heroic resistance of armed Sucuraj people turned them back. The French general provincial as gratitude ordered the sale of wheat from the magazines to the people of Sucuraj with a big discount – at 10 times less price.

After these times there was a short peaceful time and economical development of Sucuraj. By decision of Napoleon on 25.04.1811 Sucuraj became a district. At this time started the building of the new graveyard (now called the old); a road to Hvar and public lighting was instalated. The old lighthouse was built and sacred to St. Anthony the monarch. After the defeat of Napoleon near Moscow the French lost authority over Sucuraj and Sucuraj went back under Austrian authority.

In 1817 the elementary school in Sucuraj was established. In 1867 came the Austrian-Hungary agreement and the Austria-Hungary monarchy was established. In the middle 19th century started the big economic develop of Sucuraj. The main economic branches were fishing, vineyards and olive-oil making. In Sucuraj there were 11 big nets for catching sardines, the vineyards gave 1500 tons of vine, the most famous called Prč (or Muscat) and vas used in the place of the emperor Francis-Joseph. The post office was built in 1868, the telegraph in 1871. In this time many public objects were built. First in 1870 the pier was built ("pumpurela") and part of the harbour bank. In 1888 the district building and elementary school was built, in 1889 the first public well with drinking water. In 1897 the new church of St. George, in 1898 the new lighthouse.

At the end of the 19th century came filocsery – a disease that in a few years destroyed the biggest part of the Sucuraj vineyards, the main economic branch in Sucuraj.

History of Sućuraj:
1. Antique Sućuraj (Illyrians and Romans)
2. Sućuraj in the Middle Ages (arrival of Croatians)
3. Sućuraj during Venetians (fighting the Ottomans)
4. Sućuraj in the 19th century (Austria, France and the Austria-Hungary kingdom)
5. Sućuraj in the 20th century (3 wars, 6 states)

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